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X Box 360 and The Rooster

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Once there was a Rooster. This rooster loved playing video games. His favorite game was Halo (go figure). He would stay up late at night and play Halo and he especially liked to play Halo 2 online and he would curse at the kids who shot him.
When the Xbox 360 came out the rooster got one. It took him awhile to pack it home, since he had to pack it on his back, but he got it home finally and hooked it up. After initializing it and putting his first game in (Battlefield 2) he stood in complete awe of its awesome graphics.
He played and played his 360 until his feathers were raw, and still he played some more. Finally the Rooster was up for 3 days straight playing his 360 straight. His familly started getting angry at the Rooster for being irresponsible and not doing his Rooster duties (Crowing in the morn, washing the car, taking the chicks to ballet, etc. etc.) So they kicked him out. Now the Rooster is homeless, doesn't have his 360 cuz they locked him out and he is currently in divorce preceding. He probably won't even get joint custody of the kids. He also lost his job (Manager of Dairy Queen) and now he sleeps in an alley cuz he doesn't have money for a hotel.

So what is the moral to the story?... Don't be a total Rooster and play X Box 360 games all day and not do your work.
The End

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