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Jelly Bean

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I read a blog by Ms. Natasha Raye. and it so moved me to draw this. I somehow saw myself as the junebug, Jelly Bean, but I also saw myself as the shit too. Soo To compliment this piece I will post the poem and story she wrote to the successfully suicidal Jelly Bean:::

The other day I was admiring a little junebug as he scurried to and fro outside my window.It was a melancholy day and the skies were grey.

I fell into a deep slumber

I lifted my head from oth' the pillow, and there staring at me was that little junebug..and so I named him Jellybean.

For many days I let Jellybean wander freely inside my humble home..eating what he liked, resting here and there.and I never disturbed his solitude.

Then one day he took some little junebug shits on my new cashmere sweater that I purchased on ebay for 14.95.

Needless to say this vexed me..I had allowed little Jellybean the comforts of my home, treated him as family, even listened to his troubles and told him mine.I was torn. Should I toss Jellybean out on the streets like yesterday's garbage? Should I show him the compassion of an elderly woman? Should I squish him as dead as my cold heart?

I decided to think about it and decided when I came home from work.but when I got home Jellybean was hanging from my bathroom mirror, from a makeshift rope he had made out of dental floss.

He had written the word"jihad" in junebug shit across the mirror..I have no idea what this means but I imagine he was feeling guilty where I had scorned him..

Any way I have written a small poem to sum up my thought on Jellybean.

Noble Jellybean..You came when I was inflicted
You unfurled your love upon me, made me whole..
You treated me as your own, Like I was a junebug flying through an open field,
Seeking shelter from the storm
Come back to me, Oh come back to me.
Don't leave me in this wretched wake..
The tuna it stains me,
The lies they drain me.
My pains me.
Everywhere I go, I see your face
Your tiny eyes sparkle glare..
Many things I thought we'd share
Till you pulled a brooks on me..
I shant meet you under the sycamore tree..
Like the people who birthed me..Left me in a hollow cage,
Eating tuna in a rage.Jellybean?
I'll meet you over there.
-Ms Natasha Raye

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