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20 Questions with He-da-man: The interview of a life time.

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FC: You're on a deserted Island- what is the one thing you bring?
HM: Hmm that is a tough one. Definitely not clothes, not the sword-- I KNEW YOU WERE THINKING SWORD-But these hands are the best killin' machines I have!. So I'd have to go with KY Jelly - there is no substitue.

FC: What's it like to have your own action figure?
HM: Ahhh,, I don't know. I used to play with them. I'd act out fantasy's with them- easy to do when you got barbies made by the same company. I'd always get a kick out of a He-Man Barbie fantasy. Being an alpha male made it hard to keep the Barbies clothes on.. but honestly it was kind of doomed to start, because there are only so many things you can do with your shirt off, and the He-man action figure got one
thing on their mind; Bootay.

FC: What kind of fantasys?
HM: Uhh He-man in 2 way, He-man in 3 way. He-man and Ken, He-man with Horde Group gang bang. He-man as Cable guy. He-man as pool boy. He-man as Good Cop, He-man as Bad Cop. He-man with Battle Cat. Etc, etc. Sometimes I'd get creative and use the sword- you know.

FC: Have any regrets? You aren't exactly doing well these days.
HM: Well, I could get all wussy - but that ain't He-Man's way. Dude- I've been up - I've been down - I've been in everything in town -- I'm the Big Pimp of Ethernia. I'm like the most eligible bachelor of Ethernia. I've got a castle I always hang out at. Dude- I'm the Mad Shit. Everyone wants to be He-Man. Everyone.

FC: Asperations for the future?
HM: Yeah, I'd like to have a three way with an Asian and a Mexican- haven't done that-hehe J/k Uhh.. I'd like to get back into acting. Maybe some independent films. I don't know. The road is my Woman- and I'm gonna hop on my cat- and just ride my cat on my woman- and live happily ever after- you know. It's possible - I'm still young. I still kick major ass. I'm happy. You know.

FC: What's He-Da-Man doing tomorrow?
HM: Kickin ass till noon, kickin ass afternoon, Knockin boots after work, Get skunk crunk kangaroo - - That is one of the Jaw's fresh rhymes. He's so Kelly Rippa!

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