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20 Questions with He-da-man: The interview of a life time.

Alot has changed since '83. The "Most Powerful Man in the Universe" is a little less than powerful these days, but then again he is in his mid 40's. He might appear to be suffering a mid-life crisis but his confidience is still rockin'. We sat down with the "man" for 20 hard ones.

FC: He-man, what have you been up to?
HM: What haven't I been up to- know what I'm sayin'- and it's He-Da-Man. Changed it just last year. I'm up wit-da-lingo amigo.

FC: In 2002 MV Creations revamped the Masters of the Universe Series and chose a different Cartoon to play you ... a younger, taller He-Man. How did that make you feel?
HM: Well, I felt pretty good when they cancelled it halfway through the 2nd series. But, yeah, they decided to go with someone different. Carl was cast- He was good, but just didn't bring the balls like I did. But its all good. I actually saw him at a bar recently- didn't look too good - think he's been on a year bender. I've been there done that. . . a few times.

FC: You were recently seen singing a Four non-blondes song on the internet, explain that?
HM: Well, a fews years back I was approached by a producer; Jesse Von Liedenstock. Great man- visionary. He wanted me to do a video- said it was the right time- help with my range. He picked the song and I just trusted his judgement. I think we pulled it off.

FC: Can we expect anymore music from you anytime soon?
HM: Uhh, Actually you can. Me and LockJaw have been messing with some mad beats, and I think we're on the verge of something big. That guy can spit some mad rhymes- I sing back up.
FC: You can sing back up?
HM: Uhh. I sang 4 Non-blondes didn't I?

FC: You said LockJaw-Wasn't he one of your enemies? How did this relationship culminate?
HM: About the time that MOU was cancelled, we were hangin' after shooting. We were ballin' pretty hard- I had like a 2 gram a day habit, and Jaw was my right hand- We'd go to a club- shut that bitch down- get us some ho's- takem' back to the room - or park - or out back - where ever we were it didn't matter- we'd greasem' up and tiem' down and makem' watch me and jaw wrestle. We'd do this every night.. then the show got cancelled- jaw hit the bottom. I remember walkin' in on him one night- he was crying and he looked up at me and said - He-Man - is this all there is? Greased up ho's and wrestlin'." It broke my heart. After that, we were inseparable.

FC: You walk into a club, what is the first thing you say?

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