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Fried Crispy Records Introduces: SMELLY RAY!
The Smellier the Better

In the News today

The Disneyland Report says that 211 fairies were killed last year because kids stopped believing in them, 195 of them were brought back to life from applause, 87 of these were then subject to death by magnifying glass and/or salt inundation, 1 rape.
Just thought I'd let ya folks know.

Storm Trooper Smash

Storm Trooper Smash Crazy Girlfriend The Video of The crazy girlfriend destroying her vacationing boyfriends limited edition storm trooper biker figure on Youtube. Check it out Storm Trooper Smash

Doom Cereal

If ID Software were to make cereal this would probably be the first cereal out.
Check out Doom Cereal


New piece done in Illustrator then colored in Photoshop
Check out Drunks


My Grinch that stole christmas. Piece done in Illustrator then colored in Photoshop
Check out Grinch


Sketch of a John Zombie. I expect this is what I'll look like when I'm dead. Maybe not
Check out the john zombie

CR Mcgee the Barbaric Rock Star

Mcgee is back another day to share his insightful musings. He wants to be a rockstar this time.
That crazy CR Mcgee

Cleveland Steamer

Got a new comic up featuring the larger than life CR McGee. I hope to have future installments
Check out Cleveland Steamer

Missing Ad

Well I had a story about pornography and ad revenue and link and stuff, but it turns out I was wrong. So instead I'll put up a story about a Rooster - a very bad rooster story
Check out my Rooster story

The Green Beret

4.18.2006 Tax time has come and gone and with it all my money. So in honour of disappearing Green Backs - I give you "The Green Beret" My money can kick your money's ass


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found your significant other in the hot tube with your best friend. Unfortunately for these two love birds - the significant other showed up with a loaded weapon. >>View Cheater on Fried

Jelly Bean

This piece of ass was inspired by a blog by the hillarious and insightful Ms. Natasha Raye.. Her piece was much nicer than this piece of art - yet I was moved enough to draw this. >>View Jelly Bean the Junebug

Holy Smokes

A piece that conveys the true pain of hot dog making. I sure do love hot dogs, however the main subject of the piece is at odds with my hot dog loving addiction.>>View Holy Smokes

20 Questions with He-man

We were lucky enough to have a sit down with the Master of The Universe. Check out 20 hard ones with He-Man

Merry St. Patricks Day from Fried Crispy

May your day be filled with drunken stupidity and foolish shennanigans and end with vomit and bodily fluids covering your body. As Jim Cramer would say "Sending out a Big St. Patty's Day Mc-BOOYAH to YA!!! SKEE DADDY!!!"

Thangs to come

I've got lots of plans up my sleeve for this month. I want to put some new sections up - One for stupid quizs maybe and possibly a link page to dumb stuff around the internet- a meat hopper of sorts that just catches everything. I would also like to post some comics and maybe even some multimedia thangy thangs. Keep checkin' in. Be assured- there is more to come.

Love Letters

Sometimes a little card can really say what you've always wanted to but couldn't. The mystical power of the love letter can repair even the largest of gaps in a relationship. They can set the mood right so you can knock it out of the park. Just to say "I love you" or "I don't love you exclusively" Fried Crispy is here for the romantic at heart.>> Work your Love Muscle

Myspace Comments are in the Hizzy

Word up fools. Friend being a bastard? Wanta givem a little burn Fried Crispy style? Fried Crispy is here to provide you with the highest quality Myspace Comments available. Check thoses Bitches out.
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